List of products by brand BERKEL

In 1898 Berkel founded the first factory in Rotterdam; from the following year until the end of the thirties of the twentieth century, Berkel filed many new patents and built dozens of models of slicers. In a few decades Berkel became a real multinational, with production plants all over the world. As the company grew, the diversification of production followed: thus, also due to the needs generated by world conflicts, Berkel began producing machine tools, ship engines and seaplanes. In the years that followed Berkel's death, new models of machines were launched on the market, such as mincer, coffee grinder, bone saw and cutter. The brand still shone with the light of old productions that have now ceased, and on the new models there was no longer the protection and protection of registered patents. In the 70s the weight sector was absolutely predominant, while slicers and all other food processing machines retreated; however, the production of these models continued until the early 1990s.