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Trend Woman Areadocks

Shop.areadocks: "A new point of view"

Animalier, multicolor and trend-color. Areadocks’ woman moves through a lot of style and look, according to her character and her mood. Shop.Areadocks: always online, changeable and vigilant. Like a spiral that wraps and cuddles its customers, Shop.Areadocks stimulates and surprises fashion’s soul in the woman’s everyday life.

A window on female's trend

Shop.Areadocks reinvents and simplify the rules of ‘must-have’, with an exclusive, different and unique concept. With a few clicks you are being carried in a new and parallel universe: ideas and advices to catch with trendy and ‘On Fire’ dress code. Surf through our pages: there is an outfit for every occasion and multiple chances to wear a new mise. From last dress trend for an happy hour, to weekend trip’s look easier and casual: with Shop.Areadocks tomorrow means ‘innovation ready to wear’.

Our designer

Comme des Garçons Parfumes, Love Stories, Reptile’s House, Nine in the Morning, Converse, Circus Hotel, Mercy and Bacon: famous brands which are exclusive and on the launching pads. Shop.Areadocks will dress you with cult, fresh and new age’s brands, according to the situation. Style isn’t for us an empty concept: it’s simply the way to do what needs to be.