List of products by brand VIBIVENEZIA

The Furlanes represent the heart of Venice, its culture, traditions and its rich history. Legend has it that the gondoliers adopted these soft velvet slippers with sturdy rubber soles (traditionally made from old bicycle tires) so as not to damage the paint of the their gondolas, but we also like to think of these shoes as the "must have" in the wardrobes of Venetian ancestors, making no noise on the floors they used them to sneak silently from room to room. So in 2015 with the support of the artisans in Friuli Venezia Giulia, ViBiVenezia was born. ViBi Venezia aims to convey the Arrivabene sisters' passion for Venice, taking inspiration from the enchanting landscapes and colors of the city. So as to have Venice and all its magic captured in a pair of slippers! ViBi Venezia represents Italian craftsmanship par excellence, relies on craftsmen who learned the processing of Furlane from their ancestors from the Second World War, and also use a wide selection of unusual fabrics, carefully selected and then finished on the shoe by hand. Perfect for a summer day or a winter evening in front of the fireplace.