About us

Loft Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Fashion Store, Lifestyle and Design Concept.




Housed in a former railway warehouse, redeveloped, creating an attractive multipurpose space, Areadocks has become the home of research for expression, selection and taste with the aim of giving birth to more scenes in a single multi-purpose frame. Areadocks is a loft in which you can find many different compartments, each with its own sales department, with a unique synergistic commercial purpose.


The synergy between the environments and services is the backbone of the Areadocks commercial project. Customers can here enjoy a mix of exclusive offers within a single retail space, which distinguishes itself for unique styles and atmospheres. The strength of our format is the ongoing renovation of space, settings and exhibitions, sustained by a large international research and know-how, built in over 30 years of experience.


Areadocks stands out among its competitors thanks to the variety of experiences and services enjoyed on the inside. Caterings, restaurants, cocktail bars and live dj-sets are naturally interrelated to services such as interior design & architecture studio, ice cream corner and patisserie, clothing, furniture and rarities of vintage design retail; everything combined together, surrounded by art installations.


The Feeling lies in the relationship. Our mission is a relationship dedicated to the people, the taste, the comfort, the beauty, the functionality, in a synergic harmony with the times and the territory. The Areadocks project, is indeed redesigned on the territory, yet keeping its generating philosophy intact : the same tasteful approach will be applied to the building of environments in harmony with the designated area.


It is the new Areadocks online project. We have developed a new e-commerce platform, trying to respect the true core business of Areadocks.

We have created a new Concept online shop, where the customer can buy the best fashion brands from the Italian and international scene.

In shop.areadocks you can find men's and women's clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes and beauty products. Together with our professional style team, we have developed a section where the customer can buy outfits with a click. Our team of professionals has made available all the skills in the field of fashion, to create unique outfits.

The news of this new online project, is a section dedicated to Home & Design. in shop.areadocks you can buy furniture, furnishing accessories and designer lighting. The best Italian and international Design brands have been selected for you. Our customer service employs professionals and personal shoppers who will assist you at every stage of your purchase.

Shop.areadocks is a project in continuous evolution we advise you to “ STAY TUNED”


Areadocks World

Areadocks ristorante
Loft Restaurant

Loft restaurant means brand new and experience. A meeting of minds, a croassroad of all atmospheres, passion and insights. Areadocks’ living room is ready to receive custumer and all his needs: from a wide choice of italian and international wine, to forefront and environmentally friendly menù. Cool location, furnished with the best brand designer: sofa Chester, lamps and prints, all affordable in-store or online. Make yourself at home. Enjoy Loft restaurant.

Areadocks Bar
Cocktail-Bar Areadocks North Department

Like a rainbow. Colored bottles, seltz, seals and angostura. Our cocktails-bar’s shiny mix is wisely shaked, agitated and grinded from our bartender. A colored world that unites entertainment, news and great classics: make yourself comfortable, enjoy your drink and follow Areadocks world.

Shop Areadocks

Shop Areadocks is boomerang effect: when gets in your head, it will continue to return. Stunning perfumes, lights and suffused sounds: everything to make your shopping even more exclusive. A little corner of heaven for women and men: cool dress, accessories and jewels. The biggest wardrobe room of the town is full, tidy and forefront, thanks to the professionalism of our shop assistant.

Areadocks pizza gourmet
North Department

The boulangerie from Paris and London’s pub contain in only one place. Breakfast, easy lunch, happy hour and pizza gourmet. Four different times and four different mood. North Department: follow your compass, you will find us.

Areadocks pasticceria
Bakery and Ice-cream Shop

The sweetest place of Areadocks. Between decorated tables, kitck pouf and tiles from 60s, you can breathe the sweetes air of the city. Ice-Cream, cupcakes and macarons: delights that satisfy most esigent palates or, simply, who want to take off a whim after a long working day.

areadocks negozio arredo

Dress your home. These three words are enough to understand how Areadocks imagines living. Your home breathes, talks to you and listens your needs. Coolest designer forniture, vintage adjuncts, fashion and practical. Our team of expert follow you in planning of your comfort-zone: dress your home from the best personal shopper of the town.