List of products by brand PRPS

Prps is a New York-based luxury denim brand founded in 2002 by former Nike designer, Donwan Harrell. The brand motto is "Bruised, never broken". Prps jeans are made in Japan. The denim used for making the jeans is Japanese and Zimbabwean cotton. The Japanese manufacturer of jeans uses frames from the 1960s. PRPS products were originally all made in Japan. Due to the increased demand, PRPS Goods and co. it was created to offer PRPS projects to a wider audience. Many Prps products still use quality and authentic distressing materials, but they are still made in China. Harrell says the manufacturing process was inspired by denim worn by workers before it became popular as an everyday fashion. Some of the standout features of the Prps jeans include a folded back pocket, purple tab on the back pocket, different colored buttons on the flap and purple line selvedge.