List of products by brand FABBRICA

Fabbrica is an Italian brand born in Verona as a project in response to the incessant increase in industrial products at the expense of artisanal ones. It develops and produces accessories, combining traditional methods and new technologies to create timeless items. Fabbrica's products adopt a classic design, inspired by the enthusiasm of its owners' continuous experimentation and influences. Behind each creation, carried out strictly by hand, there is not only a unique and unrepeatable product but also the guarantee of having purchased something authentic. The Fabbrica team is therefore decidedly well-matched and, having different roots in various fields, has allowed us to create a brand that works both online and in-store and that responds to the tastes of a very demanding public. The factory chains, strictly hand-made, are made of brass, this metal guarantees the customer the purchase of a durable and long-lasting product.