List of products by brand CASSINA

"Authenticity is our strength". The challenge of the Brianza-based company to maintain high levels of quality and originality. Furniture company founded in Meda in 1927, on the initiative of the brothers Cesare and Umberto Cassina. Small wooden furniture made up almost all of the initial production, which was later extended to armchairs and lounges. After the war they collaborated with other important companies. Its armchairs mod. 430 (1948), rigorous and essential, contradict the current typologies and indicate a focus on compositional research more aimed at innovation. G. Ponti designs the Leggera chair and later the Superleggera (1957): one of the archetypes of Italian, in balance between solidity and lightness. The production also extends to numerous orders for naval furnishings which, together with the furnishing of hotels, restaurants, absorb most of the company's energy. In the sixties the furnishings break free from the previous formal paradigms. The design of the "protesters" of the seventies enters Cassina through the BracciodiFerro collection. In the 1990s, the French designers Philippe Starck and Jean Marie Massaud designed for the company.

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