List of products by brand MAJESTIC FILATURES

Born in Paris in the 1980s, Majestic Filatures has established itself as a reference brand for luxury essentials. Its Parisian soul makes it chic and discreet, but it is the attention with which each product is created that makes it truly unique. The constant innovation of the procedures and the search for the best fibers give the yarns a unique sensation to the touch. The t-shirt is an icon that we wear, it is part of us and gives us confidence in its simplicity. For this reason the brand has decided to reinterpret this icon in a luxury key. Combinations of natural fibers give life to unique materials, which guarantee softness, comfort and durability. The t-shirt evolves and becomes a garment to treasure thanks to its extraordinary simplicity. The artisanal process and the savoir faire of the internal atelier dictate the pace of every moment of production: from the first design and prototype to the final product. Each step is followed personally to ensure maximum consistency and quality.

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