List of products by brand DEVORE

Devore is an Italian brand born in 2016 from the transfer of different cultures and experiences, generating a conscious energy. The combination of the different capacities gives a subtle but real perceived value to a product that wants to position itself in the context of timeless things. The peculiarity of the choices aimed at generating an object capable of attracting an attentive consumer who, capable of choosing, loves to stand out. The fabrics proposed have been chosen to be manipulated by expert hands who redesign the traits of Neapolitan tailoring combined with the world of garment dyed and wool applied in regenerating concepts. The fits are soft and compliant, the colors appropriate to the material and the accessories never exceed the value of the necessary, creating a calm uniqueness. At the base there is the passion for research, aimed at generating a durable product, capable of aligning itself with the needs of a sophisticated but dynamic look. Devore products are timeless, born from the creativity of a young brand that has mixed different cultures. A pair of Devoré trousers complete a casual and relaxed outfit with simplicity and elegance.