List of products by brand BEVILACQUA

Bevilacqua is an Italian brand of clothing and shirts for men. Bevilacqua shirts and vests are made with original vintage fabrics and hand-made according to the old tailoring techniques. The patterns are the subject of careful research by the Bevilacqua style office which every season manages to extrapolate iconic prints. The beauty of tradition, combined with the inventiveness of the present and the future, is the hallmark of Bevilacqua's project, which has been operating in the fashion sector for over sixty years. The brand is heading towards a dimension that breaks the constraints of ethereal and standardized fashion, for the benefit of a more honest and less formal, the result of manual skills and know-how inherent in the Florentine and Italian manufacturing culture. Colorful patterns and bold colors are the pluses that make Bevilacqua a brand much appreciated by its admirers.