‘Vive vitam vivendo’

Live life, experiencing. The new look of the Shop.Areadocks store is inspired by this concept. From Finland to Italy: Kalsärikannit is the new trend for this season. Shop.Areadocks leans on it, renew it, smooth it and recreate it with a typical cool touch of Areadocks. Lamps, tray tables and libraries: the art of ‘stay in slippers’ take another glamour shade, less cold and more lively compared to our Helsinki’s friends.

Shop.Areadocks: where home get dressed

Shop.Areadocks walk with us through home: from bath to bedroom, by way of kitchen and living room. New forms, new colours and a rustrial theme: if wood make atmosphere warmer, steel give to decor a lifestyle more metropolitan and more worn. Shop.Areadocks knows what client want and it knows client’s needs: soft or chic, glamour and open space, at areadocks’ home there is everything there is to have to live life, experiencing.

Our designer

Qeebo, Notre Moude, Floss, Davide Groppi, Gervasoni, Moroso, Serax e Louis Vuitton: vintage, original and only ones’ items. Light design and lifestyle like Shop.Areadocks mean them. Lamps, chairs and ornaments are a joining of fashion and comfort. Shop.Areadocks: ‘a 315 square meter oyster’ that hides the coolest decore’s pearls of the moment.