Satchels, pouches, backpacks and travel bags: this is how Shop.Areadocks completes every man’s outfit. With our exclusive style, of course.


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Shop.Areadocks: bags goes up

Not only for women. Bag’s men is the new cult of 2019’s urban outfit. To travel, to work out or simply to contain your laptop; Shop.Areadocks calls at men’s answer with its, unmistakable, style: trendy, cool and elegant. Vintage or Contemporary, men’s bag will be the must have you need.

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Rescue from hipster’s culture, bag came in urban’s outfit, with more ‘adventure’ touch, ‘bag’s men’ section of Shop.Areadocks gots ‘em all shapes and sizes. Textile’s backpacks, leather’s bags or travel cases, Areadocks’ men challenge is the same: to be exclusive in front of urban style’s uniformity.