Minimal, XL, retrò.

The selection of Areadocks accessories is wide. From belts to glasses, scarfs and glamour foulards: the perfect outfit requires his cherry on top or, in this case, the perfect match for the right mise.

“Everything improves with a pretty scarf, and don’t be shine with the colours. Lemon yellow in summer, plum in winter and sienna in autumn” (Rebecca Raisin)


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Shop.Areadocks: accessories and more

Glasses? Foulard? Belts? Areadocks’ women isn’t only rings or bracelets. Festival’s Accessories takes home at Shop.Areadoks. Hats, watches and wallets complete the perfect set of the fashion and trendy women, ables to change casual outfit to wear more demanding clothes. Modern heroine dresses Shop.Areadocks.

Your appropriate outfit

Shop.Areadocks’ accessories characterise, outline and reflect every women’s character. 50’s foulard, sunglasses and glasses with up to date set-up and dangly key chain: Areadocks’ women wants to impress. Imagination in power looking back. Exploit every outfit, in their every shades: this is the mission. Shop.Areadocks: where fashion and research are at your service.