Necklaces, cufflinks and rings: classic, casual, extravagant. Where dynamism is the common denominator.


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Shop.Areadocks: art ‘n part

Shinies, precious and glamour. Biker’s style shall be indicated in its more elegant and more sober version. Shop.Areadocks’ suggestion is only one: it’s a mix between rough lines and soft and semi-finished leather 100% Made in Italy. Jewels for self-made man, trendy and careful with their look. Shop.Areadocks is able, another time, to distinguish themselves. Areadocks’ men will be the proiection that make Areadocks’ brand so exclusive. Distinction and quality at hand.

Your appropriate outfit

Silver’s rings engraved by hand that remands at ancient pre-colombian civilty; leather’s bracelets directly from the coolest tracks of the wolrd: a sophisticated mix and never banal. Areadocks jewel’s section matches this items with trendy and elegant outfit. A way to stand out, to surprise and to wear yours favourite rings or bracelets without to blend in.