It’s a women’s life. Her world in it: keys, wallets and dreams.

Leather or fabric bags, pochette or on shoulder: Shop.Areadocks, like the bottom of every bag, will surprise you.

““Bandits want bag or life; women want both.” (Samuel Butler)


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Shop.Areadocks: is bag-mania!

Where do i put it? How i match it? XL or minimal? Bags’ collection of Shop.Areadocks is brilliant, cool and elegant. Basic Colours, floreal theme and glamour textures. Handbag or cross body bag, pochette or pouch, Areadocks’ women has everything handed to them. Whatever you looking for, at Shop.Areadocks, you will find it.

Your appropriate outfit

Shop.Areadocks means made in Italy. Backpacks and leather’s shopper during all day and studded clutch to be the most trendy women of cocktail parties. Surf in our ‘bags selection’ and visit our 100% italian’s coolest brand of the moment. A perfect outfit shall be matched with right bag.