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Gin Engine was born in the Langhe, in Piedmont, a land of ancient traditions, where a virtuous natural remedy based on sage and lemon used as an "elixir of happiness". With its transparent and brilliant color, it slides on the ice to enhance cocktails with a unique aroma, which give off the desire to travel through time, in all dimensions.On the basis of soft wheat alcohol and water from the Alps and an elegant background of Rose Damascena, the balsamic scents of juniper stand out, complemented by the fresh notes of lemon peel and the intense aroma of sage. When tasted, Gin Engine maintains an excellent taste-olfactory correspondence, with a slightly bitter finish given by sage leaves. Finally, the sweet notes of licorice root give it a perfect balance.

The distillate is bottled in a patented packaging inspired by the fascinating world of engines.

Gin Engine, fuel the dream! "


cl 500


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