List of products by brand BON CLAUDE TRES CHIC

Brand born of Claudia Santoro, a Milanese fashion designer with a creative and cosmopolitan personality with more than ten years of professional experience gained first with the "Dolce & Gabbana" maison and then with the role of creative director of the lingerie brand "Incanto". A mix of flair, talent and professionalism that amazes with a brilliant feat: we are talking about Amore Intenso, a sensual massage oil created to give the couple a fashionable, glamorous and emotional character. Amore Intenso impresses with its captivating and intriguing fragrance, thanks to the exclusive fragrance of the Bon Claude Très Chic brand based on essential oil of Ylang Ylang, naturally aphrodisiac. To give the rooms an olfactory imprint of marked sensuality and personality, he creates Essenza D’Amore, the fragrance of Intense Love enclosed in a refined heart-shaped diffuser. All products are strictly Made in Italy.

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