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De'Hart is an Italian brand focused on the production of men's and women's jackets. The De'Hart collection was born from the meeting of a Becagli wool mill, of Prato tradition, with a modern Bolognese commercial reality, that of Alessandro Squarzi. The line is designed by superimposing "classic" materials with state-of-the-art technical fabrics, trying to create new contrasts, both in the combination of colors and shapes. Baked wool as opposed to evolved jersey in bright colors, but also jewel buttons, decorations with unusual and unexpected chains or embroideries, are the elements around which the De’Hart collections revolve. This type of stylistic modernity passes through the reinterpretation of a sartorial tradition, purely made in Italy, which translates, therefore, into garments with accessible luxury. This line, with a unique and original design, has always focused on product quality in symbiosis with the latest fashion trends. Perfect fit, an impeccable fit and contrasting fluorescent seams, these jackets also give off an enveloping warmth and excellent for fighting colder climates. De'Hart proposes an allure that is based on direct printing on pile fabrics and woven fabrics, thus creating animal printed ecological furs with colorful prints together with sophisticated and warm outerwear.

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