Wanted, admired and wore.

Ask yourself who are you and the shoes you choose will tell to you. Pumps, slingbacks or decolletè. Shop.Areadocks: style starts with your feet.

“The red sole of my shoes is like the tissue a woman drops when she sees an attractive man.” (Christian Louboutin)


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Shop.Areadocks: in her shoes

What’s the right color? How I match these shoes on these look? Texani’s ones or slingback’s ones are better? Pump or ‘ballerine’? Frequently asked question with problematic answer. Shop.Areadocks want to work through the knots: with class, glamour and freshness. A hat trick that will bring Areadocks’ lady up to date. All day’s sneakers, espadrillas to soireé on the beach and decolté at dinner. Shop.Areadocks: a wearable jewel on feet, exclusive and only one.

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Through city center’s pave, country house’s dirt road or office’s concrete: shoes’ selection of Shop.Areadocks is four season and is for all type of outfit. Only one concept for best moment to live on your feet.